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Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

« I first met Michael when I was in Detroit. He came to Motown, and they were talking about this boy from Gary, Ind., and the Jackson 5, and everyone was excited. He was a little boy then. He would always come into the studio curious about how I worked and what I did. « How do you do that? » « Why do you do that? » I think he understood clearly from seeing various people do the music scene that it definitely took work. He must have been around 9 or 10 then, and I definitely felt that he would be someone. You heard the voice, and all he could do was grow. And that’s what he did.
I remember playing air hockey one time, and we were going back and forth. I play air hockey on the side as opposed to the end of the table because it’s more accessible for me to really understand what’s happening. He said, « Oh, you’re cheating. » And I said, « Aw, I’m not cheating, come on. » And we went on and on for hours, just playing air hockey and being silly. He had a childlike heart. And that was very, very impressive to me. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings, and for those who can’t see that it is possible for a man who’s an adult to have a childlike spirit, it doesn’t mean that they’re weird, it doesn’t mean they’re a freak or whatever ridiculous things people say. We have all kinds of people in the world. The most important thing is that your heart is in a good place. »

Stevie Wonder


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Name : Adina

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Favorite books : The miseducation of a Negro by Carter G. Woodson, Brainwashed by Tom Burell, The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca  Skloot, Marcus Garvey’s speeches, The autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Haley…

Favorite colors : red, gold and black

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– By any means necessary.

Children hold on to your dreams, believe in love, let love be the light to show the way, and love will shine on you one day.

– Each one, teach one.

– Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

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8 things that you may not know about Stevie Wonder


1. Real name Steveland Hardaway Judkins, the young Stevie Wonder was born six weeks premature in Saginaw, Michigan. The stunted growth of blood vessels in the back of his eyes caused his retinas to detach. The oxygen pumped into his incubator exacerbated the condition, leaving the tiny baby permanently blind.

2. Mere blindness wasn’t about to stop Stevie Wonder from pursuing his love of music. A member of his local church choir soon after he could walk, the young singer mastered piano, harmonica, drums and bass before hitting his teens. Auditioning for Motown Records, eleven-year-old Stevie left founder Berry Gordy speechless.

3. At thirteen, Stevie’s cut of ‘Fingertips’ from the Motortown Revue sailed up the Billboard charts, becoming the first live track to top the Stateside countdown. On drums? A young Marvin Gaye.

4. Scoring a series of massive hits, Little Stevie was surrounded by some of the finest tutors in the history of pop music. Learning at the feet of Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross, the singer rapidly matured and by 1964 the ‘Little’ misnomer had been ditched. Daring to cover Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’, the single became a remarkable hit, pushing the boundaries of Motown.

5. Matching global hits with a growing interest in studio technology, Stevie recorded an album of instrumentals in 1968. Using the name ‘Rednow Eivets’ – ‘Stevie Wonder’ backwards – the record slipped out under the radar. An important stepping-stone, it came just a few months after Stevie Wonder jammed with Jimi Hendrix during downtime at the BBC. Uniting two titanic black American talents, the moment was to have a profound impact on Wonder’s career.

6. Stevie Wonder really came of age in 1972 when he released ‘Music Of My Mind’ and ‘Talking Book’ – arguably two of the finest albums ever made – within months of one another. However the success belied almost two years of arguments with Motown boss Berry Gordy who refused to endorse his star’s embrace of the album format. Stevie Wonder won, and shattered chart records.

7. Seriously injured in a 1973 car crash, Stevie would permanently lose his sense of smell, and temporarily lose his sense of taste. Which means that he really is just a walking pair of ears.

8. Stevie Wonder has met several United States Presidents. Given a special award by Nixon, he was later to blast the Republican on the track ‘You Ain’t Done Nuthin’. However the Motown star was to enjoy more cordial relationships with Barack Obama, who named Stevie Wonder as his favourite artist of all time.