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Muhammad Ali : More than a hero


In 1981 Muhammad Ali saved a suicidal man who was threatening to jump out to kill hilself of a ninth-floor window in Los Angeles.

The situation was looking pretty grim, police officers couldn’t talk him down, and the crowd was chanting for the man to jump. Things could’ve taken a grisly turn if Muhammad Ali hadn’t come running up. He was across the street when he was told about the jumper. Without a moment’s hesitation, Ali hurried to the building and offered his assistance. Desperate, the police were willing to give anything a try, but they warned Ali that the young man might have a gun. The champ just shrugged. It was a risk he was willing to take.

Ali got as close as possible to the jumper, sticking his head out of a nearby window. The young man was shocked to see the world’s most famous athlete show up out of nowhere. “It’s really you!” he shouted. Over the next 30 minutes, Ali talked to the young man about his difficult home life and struggles to find a job. “You’re my brother,” Ali responded. “I love you, and I wouldn’t lie to you.”

Ali convinced the youth to unlock the door leading to the fire escape and finally led the young man safely down the stairs and into his Rolls-Royce limo. The boxer then escorted the man to a hospital and promised to help him build a better future. “Saving a life is more important to me than winning a world championship,” Ali said afterward. Then he got the man a job and an apartment and stayed in touch with him for years.