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« When you’re a kid and over and over again the creator is called by so many different names, The Lord, God, Jesus, The Messiah, Allah sometimes even « The Man ». That confused you when you’re a child. It has to because you don’t know. Bus as you grow up and you begin to give very heavy consideration to just who or what the creator is and what relationship that beign has with you? Then you begin ask some very serious question. One, is the creator a man or a woman? Is the creator black or white? Asian? Indian? Exactly what is the scope? Being practical, being sensible, looking at it from angles, I had to arrive at the feeling, at the thought, at wanting to believe that the creator is not a man, is not a woman, is not black,and is not white Asian or otherwise, but a mass of very positive, loving energy that each of us has to cup from daily. We cannot survive without this energy. We need it to live. We use it everyday whether you go to church or not, whether you want to believe or not that energy comes from it, from that, from eveything. »

Phyllis Hyman

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